Good Neighbours Scheme

Good Neighbours groups are there for people in the local community when there is no one else they can call upon to help.

How does it work?
Volunteers do simple tasks responding to personal requests from local people. A request is matched to a person who is able to help by a group’s coordinator.

Each group is self-organised, volunteer-led and run. They play a key role in providing

  • personal transport in local communities
  • social contact to reduce loneliness and isolation
  • practical support at a time of need

Individual groups offer specific services such as getting people to health appointments or befriending. Others provide cafés or coffee mornings, lunch clubs and more. Some groups offer a wide range of neighbourly help such as shopping, sitting for carers, even minor repairs.

At a meeting promoted by Bucks County Council in January 2017 it was agreed by those present that a trial scheme should be set up in Iver covering Iver Village, Iver Heath and Richings Park. Initially it concentrates on the problems that many people face in getting to Doctor’s appointments at the Iver Village Clinic, The Iver Heath Clinic, the Aysgarth surgery, and the Denham Clinic.  This has now expanded to offering trips to local and far-off hospitals as well.

To this end a corps of volunteer owner-drivers needs to be recruited along with a small group of co-ordinators who would run the “back office” aspect of the scheme. It is anticipated that each driver would have to commit to one or two hours per week and slightly more than that for a co-ordination role which would be shared. Training is necessary and will be provided. Vehicle running costs at a no-profit sum will also be reimbursed.